Finding New Indie Hacking Ideas (WIP)

December 13, 2020

A curated list of articles and resources for finding Indie Hacking ideas.

How do you create a product people want to buy? - Amy Hoy

Note: The link is to a summary on IndieHackers

Amy’s suggestion for finding ideas is to pick a target market, find where they commune online and spend 30-50 hours reading through their pain points, beliefs, worldviews, complaints etc. I find this somewhat attractive since it doesn’t require actually talking to anyone, but that could be a flaw. Will be trying this out.

Trends and Opportunities for Building a SaaS in 2020 - IndieHackers Podcast #178

Biggest takeaway was Rob Walling’s “Stair-Step Approach” - start with one-time sale, single channel (e.g. an “info” product or productized service) to build confidence. Some other interesting discussions:

  • building an audience is an advantage for info-products, but not so much for SaaS
  • do you want competitor-pain (market is established, you figure out how to compete) or customer-pain (market is nascent, you will have to do a lot of customer education)?
  • a “scratch your own itch” idea can be misleading, remember to still validate first


Written by Nick who is a indie-hacker wannabe, living in sunny Singapore. Twitter | GitHub